Kutná Hora Daytrip

While I was in Prague I took a quick daytrip to visit Kutná Hora. Back in its heyday, this town was a major competitor to the Czech capital. Silver mining made it a huge economic power. Until the 16th century, when wars made the mines unusable. Now its legacy is that of a town full of old churches. With one of particular interest.

The reason I wanted to see Kutná Hora was to see the famous Sedlec Ossuary, better known as the Bone Chapel. This is a chapel that is decorated with human bones. Real human bones dug up from the cemetery surrounding the chapel. There are huge pyramids of skulls, candlesticks, and chalices.

P1100749_1024 P1100750_1024There is a coat of arms from the Schwarzenberg family. They were the ones who commissioned the bone art. The bird pecking the guy’s eye is a part of the original coat of arms. Although the whole being made of bones part adds a new, macabre touch.P1100761_1024

The highlight of the Ossuary is the chandelier. It is said that it contains at least one of every bone in the body. It was really something special.P1100751_1024 P1100752_1024

I thought it would be spooky and ghoulish, but it wasn’t really. The bones were arranged as religious artwork, and that motive was clear. I was way more impressed then I was freaked out.P1100754_1024 P1100755_1024

The Ossuary was the highlight of Kutná Hora for me by far. But this town has a long history, and lots more to show for it. There are lots of UNECSO sites (mostly churches) all around the city.

P1100741_1024Like this, the Church of Our Lady, founded in 1142.

I walked all the way across the little town of Kutná Hora. It was a nice day, and there were plenty of cute buildings to see. Plus lots and lots of churches. At the end of my walk I found the Cathedral of St. Barbra. It is a huge gothic cathedral. Work started in the 14th century and took 200 years! Inside were some really old frescos depicting the mine workers from the town.P1100806_1024P1100793_1024

Most of my day in Kutná Hora was spent just walking around and relaxing. It was a quiet, low-key kind of day. What made it special was definitely the Bone Chapel. If you have time while in Prague, you should try to see it. And if you need a rest from the big city, the cute town of Kutná Hora could be just what the doctor ordered.P1100779_1024


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