Lange Nacht: Party on the Train

I wanted to write a short post to share about a cool event that happened in Vienna on Saturday night. The Wiener Stadtwerke, who are responsible for public transportation in Vienna, along with some of the other public works groups, held a massive publicity event called Lange Nacht.

I really had no idea what I was getting into, but my friend Lucie told me about it, and we decided to go. It turned out to be super fun! First, we rode a party ubahn, with lights, music, and dancers.

Party train!

Party train!

They were also offering free admission to the Remise museum of public transportation. We got to see the history of public transport in Vienna, complete with a bunch of old tramcars. You could also look into the inner workings of an ubahn, and even drive a simulator. Since it was a special event, the museum also had a café with live music set up.

IMG_20150418_191438 IMG_20150418_191243IMG_20150418_193637

Driving the simulator!

Driving the simulator!

Our last stop, after it had gotten dark, was to Friedhöfe, the big cemetery on the outskirts of Vienna. It was spooky walking around in the dark, but they had lit the way with flaming torches. Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, and Shubert are all buried there. We got to visit their graves. We also saw the magnificent Friedhofskirche, an art nouveau style church on the grounds. At the museum they were handing out glow sticks and had crafts for the children.

The beautiful Friedhofskirche, deigned by Karl Borromäus


When we started, I thought a publicity campaign from the transportation authorities would be pretty uncool. Not many people would come, and we would be home soon. Instead, we had a jammed packed night, everything was crowded, and we stayed out late partying with Weiner Linen.

Needless to say this event was a total surprise. Vienna has been full of awesome surprises. I love living in a city where events like this are happening all the time. I’m already on the lookout for what it has in store for me next.


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