Film Prep Before I Go to Vienna

There is less than a month left before I leave to study abroad for a semester in Vienna, Austria. Before I go, I want to start learning more about the culture there. To begin with, I thought a film education was in order. Here are four films set in Austria that I want to watch before I leave.

  • The Sound of Music: I have seen this Rogers and Hammerstein classic enough times to know the words to most of the songs, but not enough to remember all of the names of the children. Since it is the 50th anniversary of the movie this year, and I plan on taking the film location tour in Salzburg, I thought a re-watch was due. Besides, who can resist Julie Andrews?

  • Amadeus: When I got the letter confirming my study abroad destination, I was suddenly hit with a realization: I don’t know enough about classical music. To remedy this ignorance, I have been reading up about the history of classical music. Arguably Austria’s most famous musician, Mozart has been treated to his own semi-historical film adaptation, so I thought I should watch it.

  • The Third Man: This movie was filmed on location in Vienna in 1948 and is considered one of the greatest films of all time. Known for its cinematic brilliance and film noire style, it is a bit of a departure from the usual movies I watch. It does have Orson Wells in it though.

  • The Emperor Waltz: Bing Crosby, Joan Fontaine, dogs, set in Vienna, how could I resist this vintage film from 1948? Even if they did film it in Canada, I love old musicals too much to pass on this one.

Have you seen any of these movies? Do you know of any other great movies set in Austria? Let me know!


One thought on “Film Prep Before I Go to Vienna

  1. Of course we’ve seen them all. Great movies! If we think of any more set in Austria, we’ll let you know. Love you, GM &GD

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