New Time Period Resolutions


For long time I was skeptical of the whole “new year, new you” mentality, as I am sure some of you are. The calendar reading 2015 instead of 2014 does not have any real influence over whether or not I am actually going to exercise or read more or do any of the things I resolved to do. Eventually, however, my perspective was changed. Back in high school, while working on my Girl Scout Gold Award, I was required to set a boatload of goals, and all of these goals had to follow the well-known SMART format. Attributed to Peter Drucker and George Doran, SMART stands for:






Being forced to practice making and achieving goals following this framework entirely changed my perspective on resolutions. I had to ask myself a lot of questions and analyze each goal. How would I measure my progress? What would my results be? By when did I want to accomplish it? For example, instead of resolving to read more, I might say that I want to read 10 books from authors not from the US by the time school gets out for summer. That narrows in on what I really want, to expand my horizons, while giving myself a number and a time frame.

Now that my goals were better and less hazy, I could see why everyone was scrambling to make resolutions each New Year. For me, at least, I had a little time off of my busy schedule to think, and was about to start a brand new semester. In fact, I no longer limit my resolutions to just one set at New Years. Every semester I try to write out a list of goals for myself, and even on breaks I make a few resolutions. I am a total resolution convert. I feel like they help keep me on track and push me to keep challenging myself. What about you? Do you make resolutions at New Years or throughout the year?


2 thoughts on “New Time Period Resolutions

  1. Your resolution should be to have a great time in Vienna. We went to a Sound of Music sing along last week, you could sing up and down the mountains.

    Pat Baker


  2. The Sound of Music sounds right! You mustn’t be too serious. You are young! Enjoy yourself! We love you, GM and GD

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