Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Review

I’m not sure at which age group Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson is targeted. The very old, falling apart version of the book I checked out from the library was full of cute illustrations, but the story itself was not without several references to drugs and sex. However, the story overall was delightful. If you have seen the movie with Amy Adams, the book is very similar. Within one 24-hour period, the reader is introduced to Miss Pettigrew, an out of work governess whose whole life has been lived by the book. Then, entirely by accident, she finds herself in the middle of the whirlwind life of Miss LaFosse, a nightclub singer. Over the course of the day, everything Miss Pettigrew thought she knew is turned upside down. An adorable tale of self-discovery unfolds, set against the backdrop of the 1930’s. The characters are all vividly alive. Miss Pettigrew is timid, but funny, and grows into a truly lovable protagonist. Delysia LaFosse is as charming as the sparkling world around her, and the colorful cast of characters that parade themselves through Miss LaFosse’s apartment make for a lively, fairytale esc story that just happens to be all grown up. Anyone looking to escape a drab or dreary life should dive right into Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.



One thought on “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Review

  1. i agree it is hard for us modern readers to classify this, the tone is light and carefree, but it is still a little naughty and there is cursing! so it can´t be for children. there is ambivalence about life decisions (having a career, getting married, earning a living, having lovers, trusting friends), so it is a mature book, and you can read it all in one sitting without getting a headache over it !

    in case you are interested, I wrote a review on it here http://unbridledenthusiasm.net/2015/02/23/miss-pettigrew-lives-for-a-day-by-winifred-watson-1938/

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