Oklahoma Review

My parents were in town this weekend. We had a lot of fun, and on Saturday night we decided to go see Oklahoma at Town Theater. I have been a huge Roger’s and Hammerstein fan for as long as I can remember. They originated the American musical, and they did it with this show. Town Theater opened their 96th season this September, so they brought plenty of experience to their production. They brought enough acting and singing talent to carry the script, as well as an earnest, wholesome approach that fit the show very well. My favorite character was Andrew Carnes, who was hilarious as played by Will Moreau. With his swagger and his shotgun, I laughed just watching him walk on stage. My favorite character in the script has always been Aunt Eller, the no holds barred matriarch. However, on this show she was a bit less loud and over the top than what I am used to. Overall, the whole ensemble did a great job. You could tell everyone was up there purely because they loved theater. The show as a whole exemplified what a great community theater show is all about. It didn’t try to be a professional show. They had sewn the costumes and built the sets. If a prop was dropped, they just bent over and picked it up. Like their characters, these were simple folk, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the show:

“I don’t say I’m no better than anybody else, but I’ll be damned if I aint just as good!” – Aunt Eller


One thought on “Oklahoma Review

  1. Glad you had a fun time with your parents this past weekend, and glad you enjoyed the show! Better update your “sophomore” status to Junior!

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