And I’m Off


As some of you may know, I leave tomorrow to spend a month in Wittenberg, Germany. I will be taking classes and doing a little traveling while I’m there. So far, I have one excursion planned to Amsterdam, and my class is taking a trip to Berlin. I have never really been to Germany and I can’t wait to see what it is like. Hopefully the exposure to the language will also help me with my proficiency. It does make me a little nervous to know that I will be expected to speak German 24/7 while I am there, but I know that it will be good for me. I am also really excited to see the city. There is a lot of history there to discover. For example, Wittenberg is where Martin Luther started the Reformation, which I find fascinating. I can’t wait to go exploring. And don’t worry, I’ll post weekly updates of all of my adventures here. My plan for tomorrow is to read The Three Musketeers as I spend all day flying to Berlin.


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