Arts and Crafts Time: Affirmation Banner

One of my favorite DIY and craft YouTube channels is HGTV Handmade. Featuring five talented ladies who each put one video a week on the channel, it offers huge amounts of craft inspiration. Recently Meg Allen Cole posted a video about making a DIY Affirmation Banner. I loved the idea, so I tweaked her instructions to fit materials available around my dorm room and made one of my own.Image

Making the banner was pretty simple. I mostly followed Meg’s instruction, cutting my paper into a rectangle that allowed for some of my straw to stick out, then I tied embroidery floss on to it. I then cut the bottom. It was supposed to be a triangle, but I accidentally cut out that triangle. I decided that this little mistake had not ruined the project, and moved forward. Image

I folded over an inch or two on the top for my straw and found the center to draw my letters on. Once they were all outlined and colored in, I applied a line of glue to the back in an effort to create a tube to put my straw through. That really didn’t work, so I ended up sewing it shut. I actually really liked the effect, however. I went ahead and sewed it with the straw already inside, which I think works best. Then all that was left was to tie some embroidery floss to the two ends of the straw and hang it on the wall.Image

I decided that my banner should serve as a reminder to me, and I what I feel like I need to be reminded of most is to react with love. Often I react to negative situations with fear or anger, and things always turn out better if I can remember to react with love. My banner has been hanging above my bed since I finished it, and so far it has been a great reminder.


I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. -Charles Swindoll



2 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts Time: Affirmation Banner

  1. A GREAT mission statement EVERYONE can use. Good for you. NO ONE can make you sad, mad or glad. YOU choose how you feel. from “Straight Talk for Teenage Girls” by Annette Fuson

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