Pimento Cheese Spread

Looking though my great-grandmother, Beatrice Howell’s, recipe box the other day, my mother and I found a really old recipe for homemade pimento cheese. Naturally, we had to try it out. My great-grandmother’s handwriting was famously illegible, as you can tell, but my mother figured it out.


We ran to the store to collect the ingredients. The first step was to melt a block of cheese. This proved harder than expected, even after we cut it up. We were thinking that melted cheddar should be gooey, but realized that the recipe needed our cheese to be liquidly.  Not until after we had added in the liquid mixture and then proceeded to try to drain it out, though. More time in the microwave seemed to fix the problem. We could have easily started with the same amount of shredded cheddar, which might have been easier to melt, but it was too late. Other than that, we just stirred the ingredients together.


When we were done it was really runny, so we let it set up in the refrigerator for a few hours. Afterwards it had the thicker texture that you expect from pimento cheese spread. It was still a bit chunky from where we hadn’t melted the cheese right, but it tasted fine. You could definitely taste the vinegar in this recipe, and we never added the extra salt, so your version might be a bit different than ours. It was great to make something straight fro my great-grandmother’s time, like a taste from the past.


Here is the recipe, exactly how my great-grandmother wrote it:

From the kitchen of Bee McMurtrey

1 lb cheese (cut in small pieces and melted) although shredded would work

1 egg

¼ cup vinegar

1 small can of evaporated milk (small can is 5 oz.)

Mix last 4 ingredients then add to melted cheese.

Then last of all stir in one small jar of pimentos, not drained.

We found this delicious, she brought recipe from Oklahoma.



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