Frozen Review (Spoiler Free)


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          I recently saw Disney’s new animated princess movie, Frozen, and loved it. Frozen had all of the elements of a good Disney movie: fun songs, a cute story, and plenty of magic. There were also the typical “sidekick” characters of Olaf, the snowman, and Sven, the reindeer. Olaf was especially fantastic. I thought he was hilarious and totally sincere. It was really nice to see a character that adults could laugh at, but who wasn’t just grumpy or cynical. And he wasn’t portrayed as stupid. I loved him. Sven could have been really annoying and talkative, but he wasn’t. He was cute without saying a word. The two sisters, Anna and Elsa, were amazing. I loved watching their relationship and thought they both felt very human.

            Anna, even though she was a princess in a magical far away land, she was still written very much like a typical teenage girl, albeit confronted with extraordinary circumstances. She was awkward and naïve and adventurous, but her heart was in the right place. While I didn’t feel as much of a personal, I am you, I know how you feel, connection with Elsa, she was still an interesting, dynamic character with great depth. Idina Menzel was phenomenal and gave a powerful performance both acting and singing. My only criticism was more of a personal thing. Her voice is so distinctive that when Elsa was singing I was still picturing Idina in my head.  It is just something I had to get over, that was all.

            One thing I couldn’t get over was how stunning all of the visuals were. I saw it in 2D, because I don’t like paying for 3D. I did not feel like I was missing out on anything. There were very few “this is in 3D” moments.  The snow and ice graphics were breathtaking. My favorite thing, however, was probably the costumes. I have always been and always will be a sucker for princess dresses and, boy, was this movie full of them. Inspired by traditional Norwegian dress and full of intricate patterns and details, I thought every outfit was spectacular. My personal favorites were Anna’s coronation dress, which I wanted to steal and put in my own closet, and Elsa’s icy dress, which was sparkly and completely fabulous. Everything about the costumes in this movie were right out of my personal fashion fairytale. I even loved the costumes of the background characters.

             I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone say how much he or she liked the music, and that is because the music is incredible. All of the songs make you want to sing along. Song writing team Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez did a fantastic job capturing what makes Disney songs so loveable. I only wish there would have been a few more songs. The movie was only an hour and 25 minutes, so there was room for another song or two. Plus, Jonathan Groff, a Tony-nominated Broadway singer, only got one piddly little song. Seems like a waste. The existing songs, however, have been playing on repeat on my Spotify account. Wait until you see the movie, or the songs will give away the plot.

            I want to try to keep this review free of spoilers, but the less you know going into this movie the better. With that disclaimer, I thought the plot was really interesting. I would have loved some more backstory on some of the characters, though. I was not sure how the trolls fit in or where exactly Kristoff came from, even though they were introduced at the very beginning. I did love the interesting dynamics between the introverted and extroverted characters.  Overall it was the kind of story both kids and adults could like, and kept me highly entertained, so that is what mattered to me.

          Really, I could go on and on about how much I liked the music or characters or costumes, but you should just go see it for yourself.


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